Trainings & Workshops

The following list contains workshops that Dawe Consulting, LLC team members frequently present. Each workshop is available in three skill levels – Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced (BIA) unless otherwise noted.

  • Accounting Basics for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Board Governance as Leadership
  • Boosting your Organization’s Brand
  • Development Plan Design and Implementation
  • Digital Fundraising: Creating Dynamic Content
  • Digital Fundraising: E-mail Fundraising
  • Digital Fundraising: Facebook Fundraising
  • Digital Fundraising: Mobile Fundraising
  • Digital Organizing & Advocacy
  • Financial Statements are your Friend
  • Foundation Grantseeking & Grantwriting
  • Grassroots Building: Growing your base for all-volunteer orgs
  • “Hey – Did you see that?!” – Getting your message across with infectious excitement
  • Prospect Research
  • The Six Dollar Bottle of Water: Breaking Down Barriers to Donor/Customer Experience
  • Special Events that Friendraise AND Fundraise
  • Step by Step: Creating a Growth-Focused Plan for Small Business
  • Step by Step: Creating a Growth-Focused Plan for Grassroots Nonprofits
  • Text Message Fundraising: Messaging that Works
  • Using Communication & Learning Styles in Nonprofits
  • Wired Boards: Technology in the Board Room
  • Wired Organizations: Technology for Nonprofit Organizations
  • You Can (and should) Incorporate Advocacy in your Nonprofit Work

See additional workshops and presentations that are available from our colleagues at GoalBusters Consulting.