Digital Services

Website? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Email? Texting?

Do you incorporate these services to keep your customers, constituents, donors, and volunteers engaged? Are you using a strategic mix of these channels to fundraise, grow, and communicate?

Our Digital Services division (“The Dawe Group”) has helped businesses of all types and sizes implement a digital strategy such as:

  • Working with a local hotel resort to create an integrated digital campaign combining web, e-mail, and social media campaign that generated a 1,700% return on investment.
  • Working with a political committee to engage nearly 1,200 grassroots members to vote for Congressman Conor Lamb. (Lamb won by 627 votes)
  • Working with a statewide nonprofit to qualify six prospects in their 30,000 member database to start their major gifts program, successfully raising $50,000 to do so.